The new Electronic Bill of Costs!

The wait is over, the future is here! The Victorian Account Book (also known as the current paper bill of costs) is to be consigned to history. The future is bright, the future is one of the various shades of green used in the Excel logo colour palette. Bob Hanlon, Costs Lawyer & Advocate, take

BMN v MGN: Who is your money on?

While the world awaits the Court of Appeal’s decision in BNM v MGN, Mark Balme ruminates on the checkered history of proportionality and reluctantly makes his prediction on the outcome. Normally I would just wait for the Judgment, but confess to being somewhat amused by the obvious consternation

A Prescribed Remedy

John Hodgkinson reflects on the latest ‘cures’ for long-suffering ATE providers. Anyone visiting a medical practitioner with troubling symptoms will want to know that there is a prescribed remedy for their ailment. Sadly, as life demonstrates, that is not always possible or, even worse, an inco

Recent Costs Budgeting Developments

With case decisions in costs budgeting arriving at a rapid pace, Bob Hanlon, Costs Lawyer & Advocate, pauses for thought and summarises what has been so far a turbulent 2017 in costs management and assessment of phased bills. Following the seminal decision in Harrison v University Hospitals Cove