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Victoria Square Chambers is a specialist national costs practice. It’s our mission to add value and opportunity to your business through Costs Advocacy, Costs Advice and Costs Mediation through our leading experts and advisers.

We launched in response to increasing uncertainty in the application of costs law in the UK with a mission to unite some of the UK’s leading cost advocates and mediators under one roof. Our specialists have genuine expertise at the frontline of costs, having advised clients through widespread and ever-changing reform – from Woolf to Jackson.

Exclusively costs

Our unique costs-only position offers you unrivalled advice, knowledge and support. With Victoria Square Chambers on your side you can secure the best possible advice for your clients and add value to your business.

Genuine Expertise

Costs law is a minefield of legislation and constantly evolving case law. Let our experts partner you to success.

Specialist Services

From hearings to document health checks, from mediations to evaluations. We are ready to help resolve your dispute.


National coverage. Local Knowledge. With Advocates located nationwide we can cover all your needs whilst still being familiar with local Courts and Judges.

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At Victoria Square Chambers we are proud to offer a stable of advocates who specialise in costs. Many of our specialists have lived through the Woolf reforms, navigated the costs wars and are now helping clients through yet another era of unprecedented change. Whether you require representation at a detailed assessment, assistance at a CCMC or attendance at an application you can be assured of an experienced advocate who will give everything to achieve your goals.


Detailed Assessment


Oral Review


CCMC (Costs and Case Management Conference)


Relief from Sanction Application


Application for Interim Costs Certificate


Victoria Square Chambers retain a specialist team of ATE experts who regularly appear in the SCCO and before Regional Costs Judges on technical points regarding the constantly changing rules regarding ATE recovery. From recoverability to proportionality we can ensure the right specialist is available to represent you at Court or provide advice.


The landscape of costs is ever changing and in a busy practice we appreciate you don’t always have time to drop everything to consider a novel new point, or how best to overcome a potential problem. Similarly, occasions may arise where offers are close and you or your client may just benefit from a second opinion. Whatever the reason may be, Victoria Square Chambers can offer the benefit of decades of legal costs experience to prepare formal advices to assist you.






Additional Liabilities


Consumer Regulation Compliance


Relief from Sanction




We appreciate that sometimes it’s hard to know where the next challenge is coming from. Victoria Square Chambers can offer health check services of varying scales depending on your client and company’s needs. These can be performed in-house or at one of our dedicated offices. Indeed where exceptional circumstances demand it we can even offer weekend services.






Legal Aid




Due Diligence


There is an increasingly clear message from the Courts that all sides must explore mediation before proceeding to a hearing. What surprises many clients though is that mediation can be successful even in the scenarios which otherwise appear hopeless. With ever increasing waiting times for hearings, mediation can be a tool by which to achieve a satisfactory outcome for all without any delays.

Victoria Square Chambers can represent you in the two main types of mediation, being facilitative and evaluative.

Facilitative Mediation allows the participants in any form of dispute to gather with a mediator who will then use the allotted time find common ground and use specially devised techniques to seek out potential compromises. The participants to the mediation remain in control at all times and are not obliged to agree anything unless they mutually want to. The technique is remarkably successful in a wide range of dispute types, even resulting in repair to damaged relationships and formation of new arrangements between previously warring sides.

Evaluative Mediation is a relatively new concept to many but something that can be extremely useful. This is a process whereby with the permission of both sides, the mediator is invited to not only facilitate a mediated agreement but also go further and provide an evaluation in monetary terms in whatever format the participants to the mediation jointly wish. The mediator will take time to read all relevant papers in preparation, speak with the participants collectively and in private, use specially devised questioning techniques and then give an entirely neutral evaluation of the monetary aspect of a costs dispute. The evaluation is non-binding and either participant can withdraw from the process at any time. Evaluative Mediation allows the parties an opportunity for a neutral opinion as to costs to be delivered in an entirely without prejudice environment and can often be extremely useful before a substantial court hearing fee has been incurred.

Whether you are invited to mediation, or wish to propose mediation yourself, our Advocates are on hand to advise and represent you. We can help you find a suitable mediator, venue, negotiate fees and of course attend the mediation with you or on your behalf.

Representation at mediation is offered on a nationwide basis.


Every case, and every client, is different – which is why we do not work to a set fee structure.

Our friendly and experienced clerking team will help to identify your needs and then promptly provide you with a competitive quote.

We would not be doing our job if we did not put proportionality and reasonableness at the heart of everything we do, but you can also rest assured that Victoria Square Chambers engage experienced advocates only so you can always be sure of a high quality service.

Our Senior Clerk is Faye Hutchinson and your first port of call for any new or ongoing instructions. Faye and her team will always be on hand to assist you.

Faye has worked in the legal costs industry since 2003. Prior to specialising in advocacy clerking Faye was a costs draftsperson and so has a unique insight into the wide and varied pressures many of our clients face.

Whilst always available via e-mail and our online booking facility, Faye prefers to speak with clients so her team can fully understand what the client is looking for and match them to the right advocate for their needs.

Faye also has the invaluable experience of having worked in-house, and rest assured you will find a sympathetic ear plus a helpful attitude should you ever require us at short notice.


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